• Lorraine: Recovery Despite Setbacks

    Lorraine, 74, came to Kindred after a complicated course of treatment at a short-term acute care hospital. Having been initially admitted to the STAC hospital for a lung resection due to cancer, Lorraine then underwent a thoractomy and an LLL lobectomy, a second major surgery for a bowel infarction, an exploratory laporotomy and a hemicolonectomy. Her recovery was complicated by atrial fibrillation and sepsis, which led to hypotension and respiratory failure, which required that she be put on a ventilator. She then underwent a third surgery for a tracheostomy and PEG placement.

    In short, Lorraine was very sick. Having done all they could to improve her condition, Lorraine’s doctors transferred her to Kindred Hospital North Florida for continued care.

    On October 14, Lorraine was admitted to Kindred Hospital North Florida. She began receiving immediate care from our interdisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, specialists and therapists.

    Within two weeks Lorraine had been weaned from the ventilator and her condition had improved enough that she was able to be discharged to a less intense level of care for continued rehabilitation.

    Unfortunately, Lorraine developed acute respiratory distress about two weeks after her transfer and was sent back to a short-term acute care hospital. Once her condition was stabilized, following the wishes of her husband Joseph, Lorraine was readmitted to Kindred Hospital North Florida.

    Within a month back at Kindred Hospital, Lorraine had been weaned from the ventilator once again and was alert, oriented and ready to be discharged.

    “We can’t say enough about this hospital,” said her husband. “The doctors are wonderful and we can’t say enough about the nursing staff. Before any procedure, even taking the temperature, they explain what they are going to do, what it will look like and feel like and why they are doing it. They answer the call lights in a timely manner, always kind to me and to her. She is doing great, because of this hospital.”

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